Virginia Child Pornography Laws

Like any other state in the United States of America, there are strict rules for child pornography in Virginia. Laws in Virginia regarding child pornography are very sound and clear. Penalties for committing such crime are very harsh and serious. You might want to know what the laws are and whether the crime falls under any felony or any misdemeanor. Child pornography includes distribution of it, making of it and keeping possession of it. Once a person is found with such material as possession of child pornography, the case will go to the state court or the Federal Court.

There are serious penalties for breaking any law comes under child pornography. You must be aware of all the laws there are, and for that, you need to contact the nearest attorney to your place. Consultation is always free when you want to grab the information about any law or any case you are going through, or you might face.

Child Pornography Laws in Virginia

The Law of Virginia is strict on two aspects of child pornography;

  1. Possession of Child Pornography
  2. The Making of Child Pornography

These two aspects are further classified into more points which help you understand the law better and more efficiently.

  • Putting a child into a prohibited scene where the child touches any private body parts such as; buttocks, breast of a female, genital or pubic It also includes masturbation and sexual intercourse.
  • Any scene in which a minor is involved doing sexually inappropriate things.
  • Using any devices like computer, tab or mobile depicting the child doing such an inappropriate act.
  • Deliberately or knowingly; being a part of the distribution or being the distributor of child pornography, being the advertiser of child pornography or even promoting it. Anyone who is involved in such activity will be declared convicted of child pornography.
  • Use any device such as a computer, tab or mobile to make or reproduce any material which involves the sexual activity of minors. Use of any device which promotes or advertises pornographic activities.

Possession of child pornography is the most common law which is broken in Virginia or the other known states. It is completely illegal and very few citizens of Virginia are aware of it. Any person in the state can’t keep any child pornographic material at any cost. Distribution of it can even lead to a felony charge on the person. Any person who is involved in making child pornography might face other charges like Sexual Solicitation of a Minor, Sexual Offense or Sexual abuse of a Minor. Once there are charges of any sexual offense or any child pornographic material, there is no way back. You will need to face the Court; the Police and the Lawyers will decide federal or State. Your offense will be judged on the degree basis, and how severe it is, then any proceedings will take place.