Reckless Driving Prince William Virginia lawyers

Reckless driving is thought to be a genuine offense all around the globe. Every person who impulsively drives, without focusing on the security of individuals and property around is subjected to the wrongdoing of reckless driving. In Virginia reckless driving is perceived as a genuine offense even more than that of careless or inappropriate driving. As per Virginia traffic code 46.2-868, any individual or gathering of people discovered blameworthy of reckless driving is sentenced under the classification of class 1 misdemeanor, where punishments are awarded as per this law. The act is usually punished through imprisonment, fines and driver’s permit suspension. However, outlaw can argue upon conviction in the court by supporting the stance that he or she was driving recklessly but it was not harmful for oneself and people around. Under the light of traffic code designed by the Virginian Government, reckless driving is a major offense, therefore it is charged with high penalties to ensure that the same negligence is not repeated by the accused again. For a reckless driving case, outlaws in most of the countries of the world are charged two points. These points stay in the record for consecutive three years. However, as already discussed traffic laws design by US Government are stricter as compared to that of rest of the world, therefore anyone caught guilty of reckless driving in any of the counties of commonwealth of Virginia is penalized with 6 points. These points stay on the driving record for eleven consecutive years. . Under the light of Virginia code 46.2-862 every person driving on the roads of commonwealth are subjected to reckless driving if:

  • Driving at a speed beyond 20 miles/hour;
  • Driving at a speed more than the limit prescribed; and
  • Driving at a speed which approaches 80 miles/hour.

However, with due respect you can challenge this act in court on running basis, that you were driving recklessly but that was safe for both; you and others around. For legal challenging purpose you need to hire an efficient attorney, but now the question arises who suits you the best? Of course, you need not to worry, as SRIS Law Group is here to serve you with best of what you require. Anyhow, in order to seek legal support and assistance you can contact SRIS Law Group. We have a team of experts who have been dealing with traffic concerns since years. SRIS Law Group has allotted well-informed trial lawyers and two former prosecutors for such concerns in Virginia. In order to seek any assistance you can contact SRIS Law Group Immediately to avoid any awful consequences. Although reckless driving is considered to be an utmost illegitimacy, laws alter a bit for the ones who commit this crime for the first time. Every individual found guilty of this act for the very first time is subjected to a punishment of fine up to $1000 dollars or an imprisonment up to six months. However, in certain cases (depending upon the complexities) both punishments are imposed.