Reckless Driving Henrico County First Time

If you have been charged of reckless driving in Henrico County first time, then you must be concerned about the intensity of the punishments.  In this regard, the lawyer of Henrico County can help you to fight against the imposition of the charges.  As an accused for the first time may enhance the level of stress because the allegations can suspend the driving license and required you to join driving improvement program. In this perspective, it is critically recommended to consult with the lawyer to help you out of your miserable circumstances.

Reckless Driving in Henrico County

Reckless driving is always considered a moving violation, but can include some more actions that are more than just simply speeding.  The two conditions constitute regarding reckless driving under the section code of 46.2862. According to this law, if you speed up more than 80 miles per hour and excessive speeding more than 20 miles per hour over the set limit of speed. On the other hand, there are other speeding violations that are count in reckless driving, and its punishment depend on the discretion of law enforcement officers. For example, if you are accused of reckless driving charge in Henrico where the officer assumes that your driving speed was dangerous for the life of others, road or traffic conditions. These charges are carefully examined by reckless driving lawyers. Thus, these punishments are confront by experience and novice drivers. It assures that the degree of punishment is equal to all. Perhaps, those accused of reckless driving in Henrico County first time become depressed and feel help-less to get out of their worst condition. To avoid anxiety, it is crucial to consult lawyer for your safeguard.

Reckless driving Penalties

A person accused of reckless driving in Henrico County first time can face the charge of Class 1 misdemeanour. This may cause a person to face the penalty of 12 months imprisonment and six months suspension of driving licence with a fine of $2,500. On the other hand, the department of Virginia motor vehicle also imposes six demerits points on your driving license, and it remains there for almost 11 years. In this perspective, if you are convicted of serious violation for reckless driving in Henrico County first time, it becomes difficult to prevent the suspension of your driving licence. Moreover, if a person is charged of driving without a valid driving licence is considered under class 6 felony and face imprisonment of 1 to 5 years or pay fine up to $2,500.

Lawyer of Henrico County

Those who are accused of reckless driving in Henrico County first time immediately contact with the lawyers of Henrico County to avoid harsh penalties of reckless driving. These lawyers are capable enough to go through the history of the entire case and look for valid evidences that they can use for protection of their clients. The support of the lawyers gives you a peace of mind and strengthen your confidence to face the challenges ahead. Thus, the help of lawyers pave way to handle the case carefully and safe client from difficult situation.