Prince William Virginia Hit and Run Lawyer

A crime of hit and run occurs when a person leaves the scene of an accident and the rest of people who were present at the time of the accident are unaware of who struck the car. The incident can happen in many ways, i.e. when a car hits another vehicle or a person and does not stop because the car could discern either it has caused an accident, or when it hits and leaves the scene immediately before the cops or the ambulance comes.

The first thing to do after meeting with an accident from your side is to immediately contact police authorities and let them know what how the accident happened. It is always wise to cooperate with the police so they consider you a victim and not accused. If you have previously committed the offense and the charges against you are going to be proven by the prosecutor, you must rush to any experienced Prince William Virginia hit and run lawyer, who will examine your case and build strong defense in your favor. In hit and run cases, many persons witness the scene but only one person who could exactly tell how the incident occurred. At first sight, the police and the insurance company assume the person’s testimony as believable. However, if they glimpse at the front bumper of the car, they will come to know who is the alleged person involved in the incident. If you are charged with hit and run offense, you are supposed to consult a Prince William Virginia hit and run Lawyer.

If you fail to immediately report to the police about the scene, it is probable that you face hit and run charges. Virginia hit and run charges are punishable by a jail sentence, monetary fine, and suspension of license. However, you can avoid these charges if you consider yourself not the real offender of the incident by seeking the support of a Prince William Virginia hit and run lawyer. The driver who injured another person has the responsibility to assist him with the medical facility as well as bear the amount, which is to be compensated for collision.

Hit and run charges are considered as a Class 1 misdemeanor unless someone kicks the bucket. Though it is less severe than a felony, it sometimes carries a severe punishment for the offender. This charge is needed to be taken seriously because it can damage your reputation as well as devoid you of certain public rights. The Prince William Virginia hit and run lawyer will assure you that your rights are fully protected. The conviction of hit and run can put your name permanently on the criminal record, which cannot be expunged. However, the lawyer will take your case in such a way that both the charges and your name will be eradicated from the records.

According to Virginia traffic laws, it is essential for a drive to provide the other drive with his information so the damaged property can be recovered later. Keeping in view, strict traffic laws of the state, many persons feel hesitate to contact police or Insurance Company about the incident. If the charges against you are becoming severe and there is a possibility for you to face court conviction, it is sensible if you discuss your case with the Prince William Virginia hit and run lawyer.