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If you are accused of online solicitation with a minor, it is essential for you to look out for Online Solicitation of a minor defense lawyer Henrico Virginia. The lawyers of online solicitation of a minor defense lawyer Henrico Virginia have been defending the cases of the clients that are accused of online solicitation. Though the cases are difficult to handle but the lawyers know the art to tackle such types of cases. The defense attorney knows where to look for the weakness in the government’s case and where to hit with the best defense strategies to fight against the allegations.

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In Virginia, internet sex crimes are associated with the allegation of online solicitation of a minor to involve in sexual activity. It is a huge violation of Virginia code 18.2-374.3. This code of conduct covers various domains of sex crimes such as solicitation, prostitution or indecent images of the children. The law strictly prohibits to use electronic devices such as cell phones to send sexual text messages. Online Solicitation of a minor defense lawyer Henrico Virginia expert in tackling different sorts of fact patterns that usually occurs because of these charges. In most of the cases, the child on the other end is not actually a child, but a police disguised as a minor to operate against the online solicitation.

The main concern in these types of cases is that the offender knew that he\she was communicating with a minor. In some other cases, the online solicitation of a minor is not considered a serious offense. If the offender had no obvious reason to believe that the other party was below 18 years of age (if they lied about their actual age), this can be a good way to defend these kind of cases. Online Solicitation of a minor defense lawyer Henrico Virginia carefully examines the government’s evidence such as chat logs, computer forensic, and text printout in order to develop a strong defense against the allegations.

When the recipient of online solicitation is below 18 years of age, the offender is charged with committing indecent liberties with a child; and simultaneously, it is a violation of Virginia code of 18.2-370.  But if the recipient lied about the age, there are obvious charges for the lawyer to defend its client more confidently.

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In cases like online solicitation, it is essential to take the advice of experienced and competent defense lawyer.  Online solicitation of a minor defense lawyer Henrico Virginia is one whom you can trust and discuss all preventive measures to get rid of the charges. The lawyers of our firm have vast experience, knowledge and capabilities required to defend the case of our client. One thing is for sure that we avoid making false promises about the sensitivity of your case. In fact, our legal advisors of the firm review the entire case thoroughly before making any prior judgments or false promises. The lawyers try their best to come up with the honest assessments of the client’s case to build strong and effective defense strategy for a successful court trial.