Improper driving in Henrico Virginia

Under the light of traffic code designed by the Government of Virginia, improper driving refers to a subtle case of reckless driving, where penalties imposed become comparatively lesser than that of reckless driving. In case of improper driving charge following are punishments imposed on the convicted by the court:

  • Convicted is sentenced with a charge of up to $500(at maximum);
  • Convicted is charged with three DMV points on his or her driving record, these points stay on the record for three consecutive years;
  • Convicted is not considered eligible for a jail;
  • Driving license of the convicted is not suspended.

However, reckless driving is a serious offense, any individual found guilty of driving rashly without paying attentions to the surroundings is convicted to a reckless driving charge. Under the light of Henrico Virginia law anyone found guilty of driving recklessly on the streets of commonwealth falls under the category of Class 1 Misdemeanor, where severe penalties are sentenced by the court. Following are penalties imposed in case of reckless driving:

  • Convicted is enforced to an imprisonment of approximately six months or at maximum of twelve months;
  • Convicted is sentenced with a fine of up to $2500;
  • Convicted is charged with 6 demerit points which stays on his or her driving record for eleven sequential years;
  • Driving license of the convicted is suspended for a particular time frame. However, under the Virginia Law it must be more than a period of ten days.

It is clearly depicted that penalties imposed in case of reckless driving charge are far more severe than that of charged in case of improper driving charge, therefor an accused must strive hard in order to lower his or charge of reckless driving to improper driving. It can only be lowered of accused proves in the court that although he or she was driving recklessly, no was at harm around. This cannot be done without a legal help, as one cannot argue with legal suits and police investigators alone.

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