How to lower a reckless driving charge in Prince William VA

Prince William is an independent county of Virginia. It falls under the category of commonwealth of Virginia. In order to maintain peace in the county, a proper law and order has been designed which has to observed in order to avoid any chaotic situations. Traffic code is a sub-element of this law and order. Under the light of traffic code designed for Prince William Virginia, every individual found guilty of violating any of the traffic rules is enforced to the traffic violation charge, where penalty is imposed by the court. However, the imposed penalty completely depends on the complexity of the charge imposed.

Reckless driving is considered to be the most offensive crime amongst all traffic violations around the globe, but when it comes to the laws designed by US government, it becomes even more offensive. Reckless driving is considered to be a serious crime even more than that of improper or careless driving. People usually confuse the both terms of ‘reckless’ and ‘improper’ driving, however they are distinct. Improper driving refers a careless or ignorant way of driving while reckless driving refers to the rash driving in which people and property around are endangered.

As reckless driving is considered to be a more serious crime than that of improper driving, therefore punishments imposed in case of reckless driving are even stricter than that of improper driving. Following penalties are imposed in case of improper driving under the Virginia Law Section 46.2-869:

  • A fine of up to $500 is imposed on the accused;
  • 3 DMV points are charged on the driver’s record. These points stay on his or her record for three years;
  • Driving license is not subjected to suspension;
  • Driver is not enforced to an imprisonment for even a small tenure.

However, the tendency of penalties become totally different in case of reckless driving. Any individual found guilty of reckless driving following penalties are imposed under the Virginia Law Section 46.2-868:

  • Driver is convicted to class 1 misdemeanor;
  • Driver is enforced to an imprisonment, for a specific period of time(depending upon the complexity of the case);
  • Driver is charged with a fine of up to $2500;
  • Driving license of driver is suspended for a particular period of time.

In accordance to the postulates mentioned above reckless driving is considered to be a serious offense. Anyhow, one can strive hard to lower the penalties imposed by proclaiming that even though he or she was driving recklessly, people around were not at harm. Successfully proving it can reduce you offense from ‘reckless driving’ to improper driving where only 3 DMV points will be charged on your driving record. However, in order to do so one has to seek advice and support from a legal attorney.

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