If you suffer threats or aggression from another person, you have the right to request a restraining order online in Virginia to protect yourself. The screaming and verbal or physical abuse during the engagement tell you that you will be a victim of domestic violence by formalizing your relationship with marriage or free union.

Some people are best kept away, especially if our safety or that of our children is in danger. To do this, victims of domestic violence resort to filing a restraining order online in Virginia or DVRO (Domestic Violence Restraining Order) that offers them legal protection against the abuser or abuser.


A restraining order legally prohibits the abuser or abuser from pursuing, attacking, contacting, or threatening whoever gets the order. The restriction includes the children and relatives of the victim and their material properties. In case the abuser ignores the restriction, he/she may face serious legal consequences. One can file a restraining order online in Virginia by filling out this form as followed by the link.

Other scope of the DVRO:

  • Once a restraining order has been obtained, if the abuser lived with the victim, he/she must leave home.
  • If there are children in common, the judge may order the abuser to pay for his/her support and the maintenance of the victim.
  • The judge may order the abuser to enroll in a program or perform rehabilitation treatment.
  • If the couple shares a telephone, the victim can transfer it entirely to his/her name.
  • DVROs also prohibit the abuser from buying or possessing a firearm.


The first step to obtaining a restraining order is to request a form in the court closest to your home, alternatively, to file a restraining order online in Virginia for your optimal convenience. Once the application is completed and presented, the interested party receives a hearing date in front of a judge. Until the date arrives, the victim can request a temporary restraining order.

The abuser or defendant must be personally notified by a person over eighteen years of age, who may be a good friend or a very dear family member. The interested party may also require the Sheriff’s office to notify the abuser. Once the hearing is held, the judge decides the terms of restriction.


Before you file a restraining order online in Virginia, you must understand which of the there is your imperative need at this moment:

Emergency protection order. A judge can issue a restraining order when a person is in immediate danger. For example, if a police officer responds to a call for domestic violence, he or she can call a judge and request an immediate protection order. This type of DVRO is valid for five business days or seven calendar days.

Temporary restraining order. This type of DVRO is valid until the date the victim has a court hearing. The victim can attend the hearing alone or with a lawyer. In case you feel fear of being face to face with the abuser, the victim can name a friend, neighbor, or family member to accompany her to the hearing.

Restraining order after the hearing. Once the order is requested, and after a court hearing, the judge can approve the restriction for up to five years. The victim can also request that the restriction be permanent.