Hanover traffic lawyer

Every country in this world has a specifically designed traffic code, which determines the order of flow of traffic on its roads. This traffic code is designed depending upon the road safety requirements. Same is the case with United States of America, where traffic code has been designed by experts in order to avoid awful consequences. However, as per updated forum of World Bank US has been ranked to be the third largest country of the world, therefore rules and regulations designed depend upon the needs and requirements of each state. Virginia   being on the Northern side of US is subjected to the laws designed by US government with slight amendments, wherever required. Under the light of traffic code stated by Local Government of Hanover Virginia, anyone found guilty of the following acts, is subjected to the penalties prescribed by the Virginian courts:

  1. Anyone found driving in a drunk or intoxicated state;
  2. Anyone found driving without license;
  3. Anyone driving an insured vehicle without having an insurance proof;
  4. Anyone driving without registration;
  5. Anyone driving with an expired registration proof;
  6. Anyone found in a hit and run case;
  7. Anyone taking an illegal U-turn on the roadside;
  8. Anyone found driving on the wrong side of the road;
  9. Anyone driving an unsafe vehicle;
  10. Anyone found guilty in reckless driving case;
  11. Anyone not following legal traffic signals;
  12. Anyone found driving without fastening safety belts;
  13. Anyone found guilty of over speeding;
  14. Anyone found driving an illegally modified vehicle.

Traffic violations are considered to be an act of strict illegitimacy in Virginia, where severe punishments are imposed on the culprits. For instance if we talk about the above mentioned point no. 10 which states, ‘anyone found guilty in reckless driving case’ is subjected to a traffic violation case. Under the light of Virginia code 46.2-868 anyone found guilty of reckless driving falls under the category of Class 1 misdemeanor, where severe penalties in terms of heavy fines and imprisonment are sentenced by the court. Following are the punishments which are imposed on the driver in regard of this violation:

  • Imprisonment of a half year or whole one year (depending upon the complexity of the case);
  • Heavy fine of up to $2500;
  • In worst cases driver’s license is also suspended for a certain period of time (time period usually ranges between ten days and six months)

Anyone committing traffic violations has to undergo penalties imposed by the court, however the outlaw can justify his or her act in the court by sustaining the stance that the offensive act committed by him or her was unlawful but safe. In order to prove this stance in the court one requires a legal attorney who could deal with such cases smartly, but you need not to worry as SRIS Law Group is here to support you in this regard. We have an experienced team of attorney trial lawyers and two former prosecutors who can deal with traffic cases intellectually. Therefore, in order to avoid any chaotic consequences caused by traffic allegations you are advised to contact SRIS Law Group as early as possible.