Driving on a Suspended License in Alexandria Virginia

There are many reasons an Alexandria, Virginia’s driver’s license can get suspended. For some reason, if a driver’s license is suspended, they will be prohibited by law from driving any sort of automobile on any road or on the highway of Alexandria, Virginia.

The state of Virginia’s commonwealth requires all Alexandria, Virginian drivers to follow and obey all traffic laws seriously. If any Virginian is found breaking the law, the respected law enforcement officers will suspend that individual’s driving license.

These are some reasons any Virginian driver’s license can get suspended or revoked.

  1. If a driver fails to pay the required uninsured vehicle charges.
  2. If a driver fails to pay the court fine or fee for motor vehicle misdemeanors.
  3. If a driver fails to maintain the necessary vehicle insurance as per the required Virginian law.
  4. If required by the law, failing to complete the driver improvement clinic course.
  5. If the driver is found guilty of reckless driving, the license can be suspended.
  6. If a driver neglects to make the payments of any pending jail fees.
  7. If the driver’s record has frequent traffic offenses resulting in an extreme total of demerit points

What are the Penalties on a Driver Caught for Driving When the License is Suspended?

If any Alexandria, Virginian driver’s license is found to be revoked or suspended, and that driver is still found driving a motor vehicle, they will be charged with Class 1 misdemeanor. This class has been deemed to be the most severe class of all misdemeanors.

The following are the penalties of a driver being charged for Class 1 and 2 misdemeanors:

  1. Serving a maximum jail time of 12 months
  2. Pay a maximum fine of $2,500
  3. Increased time period on the suspended license
  4. Possibility of the state of Virginia confiscating the vehicle
  5. Being convicted for the third time within the timeframe of 10 years, the driver will face the penalties for Class 1 and 2 misdemeanors.

Are There Any Possible Defenses For Driving When The License Is Suspended?

The prosecuting attorney must provide evidence before sentencing the driver for being guilty of driving when the license is suspended. Evidence can be:

  1. The license was suspended,
  2. a notice of the license being suspended had been given to the driver,
  3. The driver was caught driving with the license suspended

An Alexandria, Virginia driver can defend themselves for getting caught while driving on a suspended license. Some basic defenses for this offense can be:

  1. Due to any timing issue or paperwork issues or the license had not been suspended during the time the driver was arrested.
  2. The diver did not get any notice informing them of their license being suspended. This can happen if the driver has moved.

Get Help from Your Alexandria, Virginian Traffic Law Attorney

The penalty and charges of driving on a revoked license can be severe for an Alexandria resident to handle by themselves. Hire an experienced and skilled traffic law attorney to help you defend and win your case.