Accused Sexual Battery in Richmond Virginia

The sex crimes in the form of sexual battery are considered as a serious offense against the offender. The individual accused of sexual battery in Richmond Virginia is charged for the intent of sexuality without the consent of the other. The aggressor takes advantage of the situation and grabs the victim to touch intimate parts for the sexual satisfaction. If you are accused of sexual battery in Richmond Virginia, it is mandatory for you to raise your voice against the crime and seek out for legal advice to restore your reputation in the social circle. In this regard, it is essential to take a step against the crime because the law has associated serious offenses with sex crimes. This sex crime links an individual to touch private parts of the victim. In this respect, it is considered in terms of violent offense. The accused of sexual battery in Richmond Virginia confronts the charges of the state. In this, the person could face registration as a sex offender that is enough to ruin his reputation in the social circle.

The Penalties for Sexual Battery

It does not matter whether an individual is charged of sexual battery or accused of committing the crime without victim’s prior concern. In any case, the individual is arrested under the law. The person can face state imprisonment for ten years. The aggravated sexual battery can confine one in state prison for long period of time and takes away the pleasure of liberty. The degree of penalties differs from misdemeanor to felony. If anyone has to confront an aggravated case, the felony charge leads up to 20 years of the sentence. Aggravated cases mainly involve the usage of force that can be the cause of physical and mental injuries. On the other hand, the case is also considered under the aggravated when the victim is targeted at the age of 13 or the utilization of minor force for inner satisfaction of the individual. The involvement of aggravating factors makes the charges simple misdemeanor to a felony. In this perspective, the consultation with criminal offense attorney involves the exposure of risk and confrontation of penalties.  In these cases, the degree of exposure and harshness of penalties rely on the claims of the victim. For this, it is necessary for the accused of sexual battery in Richmond Virginia to make statement in front of the attorney who speaks with the investigators to make the way out to negotiate with prosecutors

Role of Sexual Battery Lawyer

Those individuals accused of sexual battery in Richmond Virginia are advised to seek for Richmond sexual battery attorney to play a vital role in the outcome of the final scenario. In this regard, the attorney will be able to investigate the case, critically examine the statements of the witnesses, specifically the victim to measure the credibility of his/her statement. It provides an ample room for the attorney to evaluate the circumstances critically and establish route map to carry out his challenge and impose impeachment on the victim. Moreover, the attorney finds the way out to negotiate the persecutors to resolve the issue and reduce the intensity of the charges.